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The Riverland and why it really is an all season destination!

Winter time can sometimes be a difficult time of year to find somewhere close by to get away. With wet gloomy weather, especially in the southern states being a key feature of our winters, finding a location that can offer a combination of good camping, attractions to visit and picturesque views that isn’t a whole days drive away can be a real struggle. Only until you discover South Australia’s Riverland region!

With parts of the River Murray being less than an hour away from Adelaide CBD, and closer if you’re leaving from the Barossa Valley or Adelaide Hills, ‘The River’ (as it’s affectionately known in these parts) has something to offer everyone.

From family friendly destinations and attractions to semi remote getaways for your own peace and solitude, and that's only covering the land based attractions.

A Summer haven for holiday makers and water sport enthusiasts escaping the searing heat of our Australian summers, but come winter time, the colours change. With its mild winters the flora and fauna come to life to showcase the very best of The Riverland and why it really is an all season destination!

Whether it's for the weekend or week there is plenty to see and do for all ages. Amazing adventure playground like Monash to kayaking the backwater lagoons. The Riverland is also home to a range of wineries, breweries and distilleries offering up some stella local produce, not to mention the river views and picturesque settings on display all year round. With a thriving industry in fresh fruit and produce, the food on offer is an experience of it’s own and one not to be missed!

As travellers the riverland has an abundance of accommodation options, from top tourist and caravan parks to a plethora of free camps and camping locations. It only takes a quick search on your favourite camping apps to see just how many places are available to stay and enjoy what the Riverland has to offer. This obviously doesn’t include the amazing experience of cruising down the river on a decked out house boat!

With a photo opportunity never too far away the Riverland shines even when the clouds are rolling in. Nothing quite beats sitting round a roaring fire by the river.

So be sure, when you're looking for your next holiday destination or a stop on your lap of oz to consider the treasures of the Riverland!

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